Long Island Technical Support has skilled and experienced IT technicians. We deal with home computers, home offices and small businesses of all sorts, providing a variety of services to ensure your computers and information are secure.

Computer Updates, Repairs and Maintenance

Don't have a friend or a relative who "knows computers"? Or maybe you DO have someone like that but you can never get in touch with them? Contact us!

Computer & Internet Security

Think computer security is way too hard and expensive to do the right way? Think again! Using common sense and practical methods, we can show you how to make your computer safe from hackers.

Virus/Malware Protection & Removal

The line is blurring between viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, spyware etc... The fact is, they all can hurt your computer, your network, even your life. We can help you protect yourself against these threats. Let us show you how!

Computer Cleanup & Optimization

Computer running slow but you don't know why? Have "pop-ups" been popping up like crazy lately? Been getting a lot of weird error messages? Computer freezing up or locking up way too often? Contact us, we know exactly where to start!

Basic Website Design

Realizing the importance of the Internet in today's society, we offer basic website design, creation and management for a price geared towards small and home businesses who don't want to invest too much time or money into having a presence on the World Wide Web.

Mobile Phone & Wireless Solutions

Want to get your e-mail on your phone? Want to use an iPad to check social media, read the news or stream TV shows or movies? Want to surf the Internet from anywhere in your house? We can show you how easy it is! Contact us!